Allied Homecoming is focusing on the question of what will happen once Afghan refugees arrive in the United States. In this time in our country, it is imperative that we deliver an incoming population of strong Americans who understand more than most how precious that title is. Allied Homecoming is galvanizing a pipeline that keeps our promise to our allies, injects capable and ready workforce into US critical industries, and makes us a stronger and more resilient nation.

As hundreds-of-thousands of Afghans were displaced or endangered by the collapse of the Afghan government and subsequent Taliban takeover, many Americans felt called to help. Like many who previously served in Afghanistan, Bill Mankins and Brooks Crenshaw felt compelled to act.

Crenshaw and Mankins, who first met at Naval Intelligence school in 2002, and served a combined 25+ years in military and government service, immediately began working informally on different areas of focus to start the complicated process of shepherding Afghan refugees through various legal, political, and geographical issues.

What started as a small effort to get compatriots to safety grew to a much larger effort as more and more vetted contacts and their families were added to the list. Mankins directed refugee movements with support from Crenshaw’s organization, while Crenshaw began preparing the way for settlement, assimilation, education, and job placement in the US. This joint effort between Mankins, the founder of Mankins Research, and Crenshaw, founder of E2CX, began in September and the name, Allied Homecoming, was later added to better communicate the initiative for fundraising and resettlement purposes.

Allied Homecoming is actively working with refugees, industry, and community leaders in this effort. Do you know someone who would benefit? Reach out